Elizabethtown City Hall

The Finance Department is responsible for billing and collecting City property taxes, business license fees, occupational taxes, insurance premium taxes, transient room taxes, and managing the Elizabethtown City Cemetery, as well as managing the City of Elizabethtown's finances.

City taxes are used to fund general government services including fire, police, recreation, planning, engineering, and public works. Tax monies are not used to fund any utility services.

The property tax rate is set annually and payments can be made by mail or at the tax office located on the first floor of City Hall. For additional information, call 270-765-6121.

Currently the City of Elizabethtown imposes a $25.00 Minimum License Fee for the privilege of conducting a business in the City. Also imposed is 1.35% occupational tax on gross salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation earned for work done or services performed in the City. Employers are required to withhold said tax and remit it to the City quarterly. A copy of the ordinance and other forms can be picked up at the Tax Office located on the first floor of City Hall. For additional information, call 270-765-6121.

The Insurance Premium Tax is collected from each insurance company issuing any insurance policy which is not a life or health policy. A tax rate of eight percent (8%) of premiums collected on insurance policies for risks located within the city limits of Elizabethtown is due no later than thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar quarter. All monies received are deposited in the Fire Protection Sinking Fund and used only for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining fire equipment and personnel. Additional information about the Insurance Premium Tax may be obtained by calling 270-765-6121.

The Transient Room Tax was established for the purpose of promoting convention and tourist activity in Elizabethtown. A transient room tax of three percent (3%) of the rent for occupancy of a suite or room charged by all motels, hotels, inns or similar business is imposed. This tax shall be paid to the Treasurer no later than the 30th day following the past month in which said tax was charged. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau at 270-765-2175 or 270-765-6121.

Other duties of the Finance Department include managing day to day computer operations, issuance of City payroll checks and filing pertinent tax forms, preparing the City's budget, providing a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, reviewing invoices and purchase orders, and providing other departments with budget performances and financial planning.