Administration Department

Are you hiring?
Applications will be taken at anytime and will be good for one year. When openings become available, applications will be reviewed for possible employment. Forms can be obtained at City Hall or apply online.
Can I get an appointment with the Mayor to discuss my unresolved issue?
Yes, by calling 765-6121 ext. 201 you may make an appointment during regular office hours.
How do I get my leaves and limbs picked up by the City?
Call the Public Works office to check the pickup schedule for your street at 270-737-7890.
How do I get my neighbors to cut their grass?
Contact the Planning and Development Office to file a complaint at 765-6121 ext. 264.
How do I get a street light near my home working?
Contact the City Clerk with address of the outage at 270-765-6121 ext. 202.
What day will Halloween be observed?
The City recognizes this event on October 31st.

Fire Department

What is the best way to keep our home Fire Safe?

Have properly mounted smoke detectors in the home, and practice a home fire escape. While everyone thinks they know how to get out of their own home, when faced with fire & smoke everything changes. Practice home fire escapes so that it leaves no doubt you have 2 means of egress from each room. Place your house numbers up properly.

There is a City Ordinance that outlines the procedure for the placement of house numbers in the City of Elizabethtown. It is estimated that 45 to 50% of the residents in the City do not have proper house numbers posted. This slows our response and in a fire time is precious.

Is it necessary to do fire inspections on commercial properties?
The inspection department probably decreases the number of responses we make by 25%. While the Elizabethtown community is relatively fire safe, people do get complacent with the things they see everyday. The inspection department works well with the commercial and industrial properties of Elizabethtown in keeping them safe.
What do firefighters do when they are not responding to emergencies?

Firefighters work a normal workday schedule during the day, cleaning and maintaining trucks and stations. Firefighters train a minimum of two hours per shift. There is required training that they must maintain certification on, and keep up with changes in regulations, etc.

After the workday they cook, watch TV, sleep, just like everyone does in their own homes. They are required to be available for response at all time.

Do firefighters work on holidays?
All three stations are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Can you burn rubbish, trees, leaves, etc., in the City?
The City of Elizabethtown has a burn ordinance that allows the burning of living material cut on your property.
  • No burning of garbage or wet refuse.
  • No use of a hydrocarbon to start the fire.
  • The Fire Department must be contacted whenever you want to burn. They will send a representative to check the sight and issue a burn permit if conditions are right.
  • The Fire Department also follows EPA regulations in giving permission to burn.

Natural Gas Department

How do I prevent exposure to carbon monoxide?
Do not operate gasoline-powered motors or use charcoal grills in enclosed spaces such as an attached garage. Provide adequate ventilation in your home when using a wood stove or fireplace, and be sure it is in good working condition. Be certain that all flame-producing appliances are properly installed, adjusted and operated. Check vented appliances periodically to be sure that the vent pipe has a proper rise and is not blocked by bird nests or other debris. The vent pipe should have an approved vent cap. Special care must be taken with gas space heaters because some are installed unvented. It is especially important to make sure than an adequate supply of fresh air is available to insure proper combustion. Proper combustion is normally indicated by the presence of a clear, blue flame. A small amount of yellow or orange is normal and is caused by flecks of dust in the air.
What is carbon monoxide?
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a gas that is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and non-irritating. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of almost any material, but particularly hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, coal, propane, natural gas, wood, charcoal, diesel fuel and heating oil. When CO is inhaled, it combines with the body's blood and prevents it from absorbing oxygen. A person exposed to high levels of CO may complain of dizziness, headache, nausea, sleepiness or other flu-like symptoms without fever.
What should I do if I smell gas?
Call us at once, we will check out the problem at no cost to you. If the odor is strong or getting stronger:
  • Do not use the telephone.
  • Leave the premises immediately and call us from a nearby phone.
  • Extinguish any open flames, such as candles or cigarettes.
  • Do not strike matches.
  • Do not turn on or off any lights or appliances--leave all electrical switches as they are.
How do I report a gas leak?
Call 270-765-6121 at anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Planning & Development Department

I want to install a sign at my business. Do I need a permit?
Yes. A sign permit is issued for the erection of business signs to assure that they are in compliance with the height, area and location requirements for signs as established in the Zoning Ordinance. The City also inspects any electrical work associated with the sign for safety. The City does not allow any temporary signs.
My neighbor's grass is very tall, can the City do anything about that?
A complaint is filed with the department for an inspector to investigate. If the inspector determines a violation of a City ordinance relating to the height of grass has been violated, he issues a notice of violation which informs the owner of the violation and directs the violation to be corrected within a certain time. If the violation is not corrected, then a citation can be issued by the inspector. If the matter is not corrected after the citation, the Code Enforcement Board can hold a hearing to order that the violation be corrected.
I want to erect a garage in my rear yard, but I want it to be closer to my property line than the City ordinances allow. Can I do this?
Building setback requirements are established for the protection of all property owners. However, it is recognized that in certain cases these restrictions may not be appropriate. In these instances, the Board of Zoning Adjustment holds a public hearing to determine if it is appropriate to allow a homeowner to vary from the standards in the Zoning Ordinance.
I want to buy five feet of my neighbor's lot, does the City have to approve this?
Yes, the procedure for revising any lot within the city limits is to file a subdivision plat. The review by the various city departments is coordinated by department staff and is considered a minor review procedure. The plat must be submitted is required to be prepared by a licensed surveyor.
What is the Comprehensive Plan?
The Comprehensive Plan is a planning document prepared by the Planning Commission as a guide for community policies relating to the growth and development of the community. It addresses the areas of transportation, utilities and future land use. Under standards established in state law, the plan is reviewed every five years.

Police Department

How can I get a records check?
Arrest records are maintained by the Records Units. You can get a check of your records at the Elizabethtown Police Department with proof of your identification. This is only a check of arrest or citations from our agency. A complete check can be done at the Hardin County Circuit Clerks Office located in the Hardin County Justice Center.
How can I arrange to have a Child Safety Seat Technician assist me in installing my new car seat?
Contact Officer John Thomas of the Elizabethtown Police Community Relations Unit at 270-765-4125. If the call is after hours, leave a message at the same number.
How can I get a crime prevention or other related police presentation for my group, school or organization?
Call Officer John Thomas of the Elizabethtown Police Community Relations Unit at 270-360-0207.
How do I file a police report?
You may call the department at 270-765-4125 and request a police officer respond to your location or you may come to the police department's side entrance at 318 South Mulberry Street, which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Always call 911 if your situation is an emergency.
How do I get a copy of a police report or an accident report?
Copies of offense reports and accident reports are available from the Records Unit in the lobby of the police station, 318 South Mulberry Street, between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The fee is 10 cents per page. For more information, call 270-360-0207.

Public Works Department

Will the City pick up tree limbs, old couches, washers, etc?
Yes, we will pick up your brush on a monthly schedule. Stack it neatly out by the curb. Other items such as old couches, washers and misc. junk is only picked up during April clean-up month. Call your garbage hauler for pick up at other times during the year, or you can haul it to the landfill yourself.
Will the City repair private sewer and water service lines?
The City does not repair water and sewer lines on private property.

Stormwater Management Department

Why can't I dump used motor oil and other wastes into the stormwater inlet on my street?
The inlet leads directly to the system of ditches, pipes, and creeks that feed our lakes and rivers. It is important to keep our surface waterways and groundwater free from contamination.
What's wrong with placing leaves and grass clippings in the stormwater ditch behind my house?
The leaves will be carried downstream during rainfall events to clog culverts and other facilities in the stormwater system. The resulting reduction in capacity of the stormwater system could cause flooding for you and your neighbors. Additionally, the decomposing leaves will negatively affect the quality of the stormwater within your watershed. The Public Works Department provides free curbside loose and bagged leaf pickup throughout the fall leaf season.
How do detention basins reduce flooding?
Detention basins store peak stormwater flows temporarily and mete out this flow over a longer duration, using a designed orifice, at the equivalent discharge rate for the property prior to its development.
Can I fill my yard with dirt to reduce the impact of stormwater on my property?
During and immediately after a rain, stormwater flows that originate within your yard and in nearby yards aggregate together in drainage swales to reach larger ditches and pipes. Introducing fill in your yard where not originally planned by the developer of your subdivision can upset the continuity of grade within these systems and result in standing water, soggy yards, dead grass, and in the worst cases, serious flooding.
Why doesn't the City maintain the ditch along the side and rear of my property?
The City has historically limited its stormwater maintenance responsibility to major pipes and ditches within public street right-of-ways. Driveway culverts remain the responsibility of the property owner.
Can a pipe be placed in the roadside ditch in front of my home?
In only a few, limited cases can a ditch along a street be piped without sacrificing the overall service life of the street. The roadside ditch in front of your house is an integral part of the roadway. Without the ditch, stormwater cannot efficiently leave the pavement section and enter a nearby stormwater system.